The purpose of the PSWD YRUU Board is to support and empower youth and adults working with youth in their spiritual growth; to encourage communication and cooperation between local, district, and regional youth groups and provide & manifest a greater understanding of Unitarian Universalism.


Chair: Jenna Metcalf
Clerk: Elliot Crary
Social Action Coordinator: Carolyn Knapp
Spirituality Coordinator: Jasmine Lorenzana
Communications Director: Noah Gothard
Staffing and Transportation Coordinator: Siena Elvins
Representative to the PSWD Camping Ministry Team: Sydney Kysar
Representative to the PSWD Board of Trustees: Grace Engleman
Adult At-Medium: Alison Crotty
Adult At-Medium: Eric Roslof

Contact the PSWD YRUU Board by email at or on Facebook at